The 4th edition of the World IEQ Forum will aim to build on the positive momentum achieved at the last edition. The only dedicated conference that looks at IEQ through the prism of the HVAC industry, the Forum will extensively spotlight the residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare and education sectors. While the various vision statements by regional governments have driven home the need for continuous efforts towards achieving socioeconomic development and a happy society, the additional motivation for the conference comes from the nearness of the two mega-events – the Dubai EXPO 2020 and the FIFA World Cup in 2022 in Qatar – and the associated construction projects on the anvil.

The Forum will address existing buildings, many of which are subjects of retrofitting efforts underway, and New Construction. Happiness is a manifestation of good health and well-being; in the past, compromises made in different stages of construction have been detrimental to the goal. The Forum wishes to highlight the critical need for exhaustive planning, collaboration and vigilance to ensure that design ideals of good IEQ and energy efficiency are translated into reality. It wishes to foster an in-depth understanding of the pitfalls that lead to sick buildings and instances of building-related illnesses. Through a presentation of regional and international case-studies, it seeks to highlight success stories to prove that it is possible to construct and maintain healthy buildings in a cost-effective manner with the support of an enlightened leadership, the help of enabling mechanisms and with the collaboration of multiple stakeholders, with the courage of their convictions.

Produced by CPI Industry, the publishers of Climate Control Middle East, the Forum will be the basis for a white paper, which will be circulated to multiple stakeholders.

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