MEGAWHAT – the region's first power industry  magazine, gives the who, where, when, why and how of the Middle East Power Industry.

MEGAWHAT carries focused information and data on the power industry – generation, transmission and distribution, protection, lighting, energy management and conservation, and renewable energy. In fact, it attempts to cover the whole spectrum of activities and products associated with power.

MEGAWHAT offers comprehensive coverage of news and views on the Middle East power industry, with an emphasis on relevance and depth. In addition, the magazine adopts the role of an analyst, interpreting key data and trends in the region. A typical issue of MEGAWHAT contains a cover story, feature stories, case studies, technical papers, product reviews, news, guest columns, crtiques, events and contracts-related information.

The magazine is aimed at electrical engineers, engineering consultants, contractors, decision makers in industry, utilities, power plant operators, real estate developers, construction companies, academics, researchers, regulators from municipalities, heads of procurement, Green Building promoters, suppliers of electrical equipment and decision makers in the GCC and the Middle East.

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