The fundamental aim of CPI Industry is to adopt a fresh approach to analysing the industrial sector in the Middle East.

Established in 2003 as a division of Corporate Publishing International, CPI Industry gave shape to its aim by producing the region’s first ever UPS and Genset guidebook, Power Solutions Middle East. Since then, it has produced annual editions of the guide. In the winter of 2005, CPI Industry added the HVAC Guide Middle East to its portfolio of annual guides. And in January 2006, it launched Climate Control Middle East, the first ever monthly magazine on the region’s HVACR industry. Subsequent to that, CPI Industry launched H2O in June 2006 and MegaWhat in September 2007.

CPI Industry produces focused, vertical publications to serve a market need for special-interest publications with on-the-spot information, as opposed to general trade magazines that make the acquisition of news and information a time-consuming affair.

CPI Industry fully understands that focused publications demand a focused approach. As a result, it has in place a team of professionals, each of whom is immersed in happenings in a particular industry, be it HVACR, power or water. As a team, CPI Industry has the depth of publishing experience and reach to be able to produce insightful guides and magazines for a discerning, demanding and time-starved group of professionals in industrial, construction and allied sectors.


Climate Control  

Energy efficiency and IAQ have moved into our collective psyche like never before. We are witness to a worldwide clamour for efficient and elegant engineering solutions and strategies.

Climate Control Middle East recognises this sentiment among engineers and technocrats and strives to perpetuate it among the readers. Playing the role of a conduit, the magazine aims to share innovations and bold engineering approaches – in all realms of the HVACR industry. A case-in-point is the field of district cooling in the region, where the very best of minds have assembled to deliberate and hammer out top-notch solutions to technical as well as economic challenges. The magazine takes upon itself the responsibility of channelling their solutions and strategies to the wide readership, so that everybody can benefit and push an entire industry forward.

Climate Control Middle East is about much more than energy-efficiency, IAQ and district cooling, though. It is about people and companies in the industry and a sharing of their concerns, ideas, thoughts and perceptions. It is about community building and a sense of fraternity.

Climate Control Middle East is accessible online at and available in digital format through Zinio


Chill is Climate Control Middle East's answer to a strong demand for an in-depth and focused look at the district cooling industry in the Middle East.

Published semi-annually as a pull-out supplement of the magazine, Chill contains analyses, technical papers and guest columns on district cooling. The prime objective is to present solutions and strategies that can be adopted to surmount challenges in a fledgling district cooling industry. To meet this, Chill is willing to adopt innovative communication methods. A case in point is the June 2007 supplement, which featured a verbatim account of a roundtable discussion on the O&M aspects of district cooling.

Called DC Dialogue, the discussion involved key personalities in the industry. They brought to the table their day-to-day experiences on such issues as low delta T, controls and measurement, maintenance of chillers, and water treatment and cooling towers. The discussions were intense and detailed; the solutions were relevant and immediately applicable.


Dominic De Sousa (1959-2015)
Founder, CPI Media Group

  Frédéric Paillé
Managing Director & Associate Publisher
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Frédéric started his career in industrial marketing at PALL Europe, which manufactures filtration equipment. Over 10 years ago, he moved into industrial publishing for various international publications covering the Middle East and Africa regions. He started the regional office for Technical Review Middle East in Dubai. He holds the ICN (Institut Commercial de Nancy - France) Masters' Degree in International Marketing in exchange with Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA; the European Diploma in Business and Management from Portsmouth University, UK; and the Diplome Universitaire de Technologie in Business Studies from Valenciennes University - France.

  B Surendar
Editorial Director & Associate Publisher
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Surendar has worked as a journalist for over 20 years, during which he has covered several key industry events, such as the 3rd World Water Forum, held in Kyoto, Osaka and Shiga in 2003. He is the recipient of the 2007 Pan Arab Media Quality Award for 'Best Article', published in Climate Control Middle East magazine ('LEEDing the way', which focused on the District Cooling Central Plant 1 at Dubai's Wafi City; July 2006 issue). The award is an e-TQM College initiative. Surendar holds a Master's degree in Journalism from The University of Kansas, USA, and a Master's degree in English Literature from The University of Madras, India. During his days in the USA, he was twice a recipient of The Reader's Digest Fellowship for journalistic excellence.

When not chasing stories on cooling towers, chillers, valves and pumps, Surendar likes to unwind by reading, investigating and discussing history, etymology and sports journalism. He is also a published author.

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